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Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

Tupperware Mexico April 2013

Baby Pinokio Tumbler and snack cup

Winnie The pooh and Tiger Tumbler 470 ml + 2 pcs seal

Baby Sippy Tumbler in 2 colour just like aeroplane.... for your kids

Plate ... Bowl .... and Tissue Holder

Elegantia bowl 1,5 L and 2,3 L in purple colour

Mama Packet : CW divided dish, eco bottle fushia and apple keeper

Green Bucket 8,7 L and jelly Tray

Egg Keeper and Rolling pin

Beverage buddy on the go and 4 pcs tumbler

Red Impression Bowl 7,5 L

Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools

Peeler in colours


Grape Keeper in purple colour

Baby sippy Tumbler with cap

Rice Bowl set of 4

Dumbo Elephant Tumbler 2 seal + snack cup printing

Rapunzel Mini tea set and plate + Rapunzel Tumbler Glitter

Hello Kitty Set and Hello Kitty Cake taker set

Toys Story Bucket 5,5 L and Tumbler printing

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